Dual Fuel (LP/NG) Infrared Space Heater 30k BTU


Dual Fuel (LP/NG) Infrared Space Heater 30k BTU


Kozy World's dual fuel, 5 plaque, 30,000 BTU thermostat controlled heater can be used with propane (LP) or natural gas (NG), and will heat a room up to 1,250 sq. feet. Our high quality infrared ceramic plaques radiate soothing, direct, immediate heat. This heater is 99% fuel efficient with no duct work or electricity needed, and comes with a built-in oxygen depletion sensor!


  • SIT thermostatic valve
  • Copreci dual fuel valves
  • Built-in over-pressure shut-off device
  • Built-in oxygen depletion sensor (ODS)
  • Optional floor stand (20-5345)
  • Optional blower (20-6127)


Fuel Type: Dual Fuel (Propane (LP) or Natural Gas)
Temperature Control: Thermostat
BTU Output: 30,000
Electricity Required: no
Heating Area: 1,250 sq ft
Length: 10.25in
Width: 24.41in
Height: 28.15in
Color: Beige
Assembly Required: No
Professional Install Suggested: Yes

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